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Example pages:

REAL EXAMPLES – A diverse cross-section of examples to whet your appetite;

BUSINESS/WORKPLACE EXAMPLES – Resolve problems, generate new/additional income, and change your focus from competition … to differentiation;

EMPLOYMENT EXAMPLES – job interview questions and resume inclusions;

PRACTICE YOUR CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS – Theoretical exercises to develop creative thinking with parallel examples to get you started;

PROVOCATIVE OPERATION – Real-life examples of “po” in action that teach through demonstration;

ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE – The power of a fresh perspective is brought home through a real police detective training exercise;

RANDOM STARTING POINTS – Examples that demonstrate lateral thinking’s most easily applied tool in effective use;

CREATIVE COMBINATIONS – Clever examples of how to combine things you wouldn’t normally consider;

WORKING BACKWARDS – Examples that use the imagination to achieve your goals;

ESCAPE DOMINANT THINKING – A revealing example of how to review the staus-quo in a positive and non-threatening way.


Pages that assist:

WHAT IS LATERAL THINKING? – And what is the future for creative thinking?

– Inspirational creative quotes.

– Advice for the entrepreneur. Differentiation Vs competition.

– Lateral thinking for authors/writers – writing prompt strategies – plot development techniques. (Page currently under construction, please bookmark this MENU page and come back).


Introduction to the course

Lesson ONE:   Blinkered thinking

Lesson TWO:   Random starting points

Lesson THREE:   How creativity works

Lesson FOUR:   Alternative perspectives

Lesson FIVE:   Provocative operation … “po”

Lesson SIX:   Challenge existing concepts

Lesson SEVEN:   Escape dominant thinking

Lesson EIGHT:   Backwards planning

Lesson NINE:   Goal setting

Lesson TEN:   Creative speaking

Lesson ELEVEN:   Creative combinations

Lesson TWELVE:   Problem-solving

Lesson THIRTEEN:   Time management

Lesson FOURTEEN:   Memory technique

Disruptive creative strategies for authors and writers


Puzzles, games, and activities:


Activities for children that teach creativity

Engaging with your child’s natural inclination to be creative is fun … and powerfully rewarding.

Lateral thinking puzzles

Puzzles are a tool. They refresh. They invigorate. They’re like a reset button.

Puzzles: 1 to 10

Puzzles: 11 to 20

Puzzles: 21 to 30

Puzzles: 31 to 40

Puzzles: for kids (too)

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