. . . is on the rise

They seek to dominate our world

Chaotic recent world events might not be as random as you think.

A New World Order approaches

“Sometimes, the best way to see something hidden in plain view is to look from an entirely “alien” perspective.


“Lateral thinking investigations … of the third kind” isn’t just about aliens …”

– Author, Michael Muxworthy


The New World Order (NWO) is a secretive and powerful group of elitists with a globalist agenda that aspire to an authoritarian one world government . . . something they consider to be the “ultimate destination of political evolution”.

The elitists are powerful influencers within highly secretive “front” organizations that never reveal the true structure of their upper echelons, nor their higher objectives . . .

Illuminati – Freemasons – Majestic 12

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”

– From the Platform of President Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Party

History is littered with famous contemporary figures rumored to have been pivotal in the unseen manipulation of disruptive world events for their own secret purpose . . . world domination.

These alleged historical figures are mostly FALSELY CLAIMED to have come from two very distinct groups:

1/. The militantly anti-government right; and

2/. Fundamentalist Christianity concerned with end-time prophecy of the Antichrist.

The claims are deliberately false and misleading for the purpose of distracting you from the truth, much like when a magician distracts you to achieve his deception.

NWO deception
You are being deceived

The explosion of conspiracy theories that warn of an apocalyptic end-time are a self-fulfilling prophecy. The NWO understands this, which is why they themselves are the source of so much of the disinformation, while at the same time appealing for “global solutions”.

“Despite the obvious risks, the New World Order are willing to take the world “to the brink” in order to achieve their goals”

– Author, Michael Muxworthy

Uncertainty and fear create fertile grounds for hostility and terrorism. From escalating lone-wolf acts of terror right up to the rise to power of authoritarian ultra-nationalist demagogues, each is the piece of a larger puzzle that ultimately reveals a clear picture . . . but only if you can release yourself from blinkered thinking (a rigid preconceived mindset) and view events from a fresh, new perspective.

My upcoming novel, “We should never have trusted the aliens” will open your eyes to the modern resurgence of the New World Order.

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Alternative Perspective


The NWO has an agenda

From conflict and catastrophe . . . comes opportunity:

To put our world’s current upheaval into some sort of longer term perspective, we can look back at our history to see how anarchy has always resulted in the advancement of progressive objectives.

World War One concluded in 1918. “The war to end all wars” . . . or so they told us. To that end, the League Of Nations was formed in 1920.

That worked well, and when you know something works . . . go bigger and better!

We’ll be given a choice: face the precipice of chaotic (self-fulfilling) prophecy; or, embrace the safety and control of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Despite what they will tell you . . . these are not the only choices.

– Author, Michael Muxworthy

World War Two concluded in 1945, and of course within that same year we have the emergence of the United Nations (UN). In 1947 came the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), and following quickly behind that in 1949 was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

A growing and relentless drumbeat resonated around the world, and with it could be heard the rising chants for an all powerful ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT . . .

. . . and the progressives of all nations were pleased.

British author and “father to science fiction”, H. G. Wells, redefined the term “New World Order” as a synonym for “the establishment of a technocratic world state and for a planned economy of global proportion”.

H. G. Wells was giving us a warning I believe.

“But quite frankly there is an outside source which we refer to as the ‘DEEP STATE‘, or ‘SHADOW GOVERNMENT‘. There is a lot of influence by people which are actually more powerful than our government itself, our president,”

– Ron Paul, former US Representative, November 2016

New World Order dsruption

The Cold War . . . the ripening of the conspiracy fruit

The Soviet “Red Menace” was seen by many conspiratorialists as the threat of a “Godless communism”; an atheistic, bureaucratic collectivist world government that would herald in the rise of the Antichrist and the apocalyptic end times prophecies. The threat of war and the unrelenting tension between the world’s two great superpowers saw the chants for a one world government reach a crescendo.

However, the Berlin Wall, and with it the Soviet Empire, came crashing down quite unexpectedly in 1991, which proved to be a temporary setback for NWO ambitions.


We’re at an important crossroads in our history

Don’t be distracted by the recent seemingly chaotic world upheaval. Something big is happening, and they don’t want you to see it.

The choices seem confusing, but when they’re viewed from an outside alternative perspective , an ALIEN PERSPECTIVE, everything comes down to two distinct and differentiated choices . . .

Nationalism Vs One World Government

WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE TRUSTED THE ALIENS looks at our history from 1947 right through to the present day from a truly “alien” perspective.

The New World Order are playing a very dangerous game.

 Not just theories . . . you will believe.

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