What is “lateral thinking fiction”?


Lateral thinking fiction is a new way to engage … an exciting new concept to turn back the groupthink tide.


Disruptive creativity brought to life through imaginative fiction

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“Having explored most of Edward de Bono’s offerings, I can only conclude that the man was a genius.

“Honestly, the depth of thinking and the resources he has gifted the world is astounding.

“The problem is …

not enough people are being engaged”

– Michael Muxworthy

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A NEW lateral thinking concept


I can just imagine the cringe from the die-hard lateral thinking purists out there that consider any messing with “the Master’s philosophy” to be blasphemy. LOL

But … hear me out before you write me off …


Lateral thinking … “fiction”


What is it?

  1. A new way to engage;
  2. An introduction to some fun and easy basics; and
  3. Powerful demonstrations of lateral thinking derived outcomes.


“It’s an opportunity to whet some appetites”


Was that so bad … so threatening? LOL.

Let me elaborate a little …


Lateral thinking mass appeal fiction.

The thinking behind this is quite simple.

Each book/movie (or series of books/movies) has a leading protagonist highly skilled in the application of disruptive lateral thinking techniques. The character investigates, explores, and extrapolates WITH the reader/audience.

Simple, but specific lateral thinking tools are used to achieve breakthroughs in science, philosophy, crime … whatever.

The first lateral thinking novel of fiction (WIP title):

We should NEVER have trusted the aliens

Our lateral thinking protagonist and hero, Julius “Caesar” Romeo, has a secret passion … to investigate the alien question.

Julius employs lateral thinking techniques to disrupt exiting views, expose the Roswell coverup, build a bridge from science to religion, and solve the assassination of JFK.

(Check out the first book’s blurb here)


Future books might be on subjects like …

Lateral thinking investigations … cold case

Lateral thinking investigations … haunted mysteries


Or for a younger audience …

Lateral thinking investigations … lost treasures



“Children are quick to pick up habits … let’s make them good ones”


The books will be informative, fun, teach, and most importantly … they will help to turn the tide against this “groupthink Armageddon” that threatens the very fabric of what it is to be distinctly human.



“My focus is to open the door … to offer that first enticing taste.

If people like what they experience, they’ll wade in a bit deeper”

Michael Muxworthy

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Writers and authors, check this out:

Disruptive lateral thinking strategies to assist WRITERS and AUTHORS.

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