Michael Muxworthy

Lateral Thinking Author of Fiction


“Life’s purpose … is to evolve.

It is our capacity for creativity … that makes human evolution so exceptional“

– Michael Muxworthy

“We should NEVER have trusted the aliens”

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Still a year off being ready for publication and interest is taking off.

This project WILL be HUGE!!

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Michael Muxworthy 🙂



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  • Other writers;
  • Lateral thinkers/thinking;
  • Philosophers;
  • Advertising and media;
  • Marketers;
  • Alien conspirators;
  • Alien/UFO witnesses;
  • Publishers and literary agents;
  • Book reviewers;
  • Editors;
  • Scientific theorists;
  • The truly interesting;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Laissez-faire economics.

Check out the concise definition: What is lateral thinking?

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WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE TRUSTED THE ALIENS, the first novel of the “Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind” series is rapidly nearing completion.

Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Coming soon – Michael Muxworthy

Disruptive Author

Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind