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I’m passionate about the disruptive creativity of lateral thinking … simple but powerful techniques of discovery I bring to life through my writing.

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Early photo of Michael Muxworthy


Muxy co-resides in Melbourne and Brisbane (Australia).

After graduating from the Anglican Grammar School (Churchie) in Brisbane, Muxy moved on to study Economics at the University of Queensland. He is a strong and highly vocal proponent of Laissez-Faire economics as pioneered by Adam Smith, and later skillfully developed by Milton Friedman.

Muxy’s work experience has been in the fields of Advertising, Newspaper, Marketing, Auction, Sales, and Professional Skills Training. His (other) passions are techno music, sailing, public speaking, entrepreneurial enterprises, Gold Coast beaches, (snow) skiing, and alien conspiracies, not necessarily in that order.

Michael Muxworthy resides in Melbourne
Muxy Melbourne, Australia

Muxy’s first encounter with lateral thinking was working in the advertising industry in 1990. The creative process, he discovered, is not an endless flow of “natural” creativity. The creative process can be inspired through the use of simple tools though … lateral thinking tools.

Also about this time, Michael completed the Dale Carnegie training program, passionately helping them to great heights in his hometown Brisbane. Public speaking became his newest passion.

In 1993, Muxy attended his first lateral thinking training with Edward de Bono. He was recognized from a crowd of around 2,000 to be “attuned” to the creative processes on display and was invited backstage to meet de Bono personally. The passion began and continues to this day, honing his skills to a fine art that is prominently displayed in his writing.

Brisbane Michael Muxworthy
Muxy Brisbane Australia

“If there was a way of doing things that all experts agreed upon, you could be sure of one thing from Muxy . . . he would be doing something completely different.”

Michael Muxworthy and mother Margaret

It is his desire to differentiate, explore, and forge new ways that have led Muxy so confidently along the path of lateral thinking creativity. Muxy pursued a more “differentiated” career path with the enormously challenging restaurant venture, Planet Hollywood. Here he would meet those that lived by their passions powered by their imagination. It was a life-changing experience.

Muxy has managed national auction companies; Australian print manufacturing; online media planning and marketing companies, all with great success as he draws upon his lateral thinking expertise and confidence to always secure the businesses in his care away from the tyranny of competition; to find lucrative differentiated niche market opportunities.

An impassioned free-market economist, Muxy strongly advocates for minimalist government. Attending the University of Queensland to study economics in the 1980s, typically, Muxy found himself at “odds” with the prevailing wisdom of Keynesian economics that was preached as “Gospel” by the dinosaurs of inept. Laissez-Faire economics wasn’t only discredited at the University of Queensland, it wasn’t even available to study as an “optional” subject.

Eventually, (almost predictably), Muxy was banned from the main economics lectures each week that attracted around seven hundred students in the auditorium. The lecturers would complain about Muxy CONSTANTLY standing up, interrupting, interjecting, disputing, and offering far more logical Laissez-faire derived ingenuity. (Some might describe these events differently – Ha!)

In 1987, with the assistance of the (much admired) Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, and the Queensland National Party, Muxy would help tempt Laissez-faire advocate Milton Friedman to the University of Queensland to speak in the main auditorium. There were huge and violent riots, and the multimillion-dollar auditorium was severely damaged, the strength of left-wing dominance in the university system was so great. Few at the University of Queensland didn’t know the Muxy name after that, (although many would try to forget).

“Having explored most of Edward de Bono’s offerings, I can only conclude that the man is a genius.

“Honestly, the depth of thinking and resources he has created is astounding.

“The problem is . . .

not enough people are being engaged“

Interest in the alien question came about as Muxy’s creative investigative skills were summoned to debunk some unexplained UFO sightings. There are a lot of whackos amongst those that report sightings, encounters, abductions, probes, and (believe it or not) much worse. Without exception, their testimonies would crumble under the weight of extended creative probing . . . except on the rarest of occasions.

Michael Muxworthy authorMuxy’s unique author brand proposition Disruptive creativity in the fields of science, philosophy, and science-fiction” is in step with past successes to differentiate well apart from any competitive or mainstream thought activity,

Muxy is a passionate speaker on all subjects alien, politics, marketing, and creative and lateral thinking and will take the podium at every opportunity . . . unfortunately, whether invited or NOT!!

Muxworthy family name

People are often curious about the origin of the Muxworthy name.

Recorded in various spellings including Maxworthie, Maxworthy, Mixworthy, Moxworthy, and Muxworthy, it is an English surname. It is locational and apparently originates from a place of the same or similar spelling to one of the name forms above.

Grandparents, Vera and Rex Muxworthy, used to tell me the story that Muxworthy was, in fact, a name given to a band of highway robbers operating outside London in the 19th Century. I have found no such evidence though. However, as many of my good friends will tell you, I continue our family tradition through my continued flirtations within the advertising industry.

Father William John Muxworthy had a strong presence in the Australian media and advertising industries also.

Nefarious characters (not really), Paul and Alan Muxworthy, have contacted me through social media to “dispute” the claims of my grandparents. Hmmph. They inform me that the family name originates in Exmoor (“That is where the lost city of Muxworthy lies in splendid isolation!” according to Alan). Apparently, a famine hit the region and our forefathers moved mostly to Wales. Muxworthy is a name appearing in a Lorna Doone novel as well. We may be related to Lorna is a possibility. It is unlikely, so they say, that any Muxworthys lived in or about London in the 1800s.

I am ALWAYS interested in hearing from other Muxworthys. Contact me via FACEBOOK, please. I am interested in any history or peculiarity associated with the name.

Highway robbing origins, and proud of them!

Michael John Muxworthy

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