A diverse mix of lateral thinking, creative, and visual puzzles specifically mixed to stimulate your creative energies

Puzzles for children and/or adults


1/. The allowance puzzle challenge!

(This puzzle has two parts. Scroll down to see the answers)


Part A

There is an unlimited supply of $1 coins that are all the same size and shape. Your parents tell you that your allowance is the least number of coins required in order to make sure each and every coin touches exactly three other coins. That number of coins is your allowance, but only if you give the correct answer.

How much allowance do you get?


Part B

Double your allowance puzzle

Only if you got the “Part A” answer correct, you can DOUBLE your allowance if you can answer this:

How are the coins positioned so they touch every other coin?

The answers appear just below this message.

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Answer Part A: Four

Answer Part B: Similar to a three-sided pyramid with a base.


2/. What’s this?  Creative riddle

Lateral thinking puzzle one for kids


Answer: Man overboard


3/. Only one glass can be moved! Lateral thinking puzzle

There are six glasses of equal size and shape lined up in a row.

The first three glasses are full of liquid. Glasses 4, 5, and 6 are empty.

By moving ONE GLASS ONLY, can you arrange them so that there are alternating full and empty glasses?

Seriously kids, if you get this one, you’re definitely worth more allowance!


Answer: Take the second glass full of liquid and pour the liquid into glass number 5, then return it to its original position.


4/. What’s this? Riddle

Lateral thinking puzzle 2 for kids


Answer: I understand


5/. How many fruits riddle

The box is full of fruits.
All but four are pears,
all but four are bananas,
and all but four are apples.

How many of each fruit is in the box?

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Answer to puzzle 5: Two of each type


6/. What’s this?




Answer: Reading between the lines

7/. Which EXIT do I take? Puzzle

You are trapped in a room with three exit doors:

  1. Is guarded by a hungry and ferocious lion that patiently waits for you to come through;
  2. Explodes if you try to open or move it in any way; and
  3. Is made of glass shaped like a magnifying glass that instantly fries you with sunlight if you get too close.

Which exit do you choose, and how?


Answer: Wait until the sun sets and exit through door number three


8/. What’s this?

Lateral thinking puzzle number 3 for kids


Answer: Crossroads

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9/. A strange puzzle of math

Under what circumstances does the following equation always hold true?

1100 – 40 = 1000 + 20


Answer: When the calculation is about using a 24hr time clock.

1100 (11am) – 40 = 1020 (10.20am)

1000 (10am) + 20 = 1020 (10.20am)


10/. What’s this?




Answer: Tricycle


11/. A riddle of days

A cowboy rides into town on Friday.

He spends only one night in town before he departs the next day, Tuesday!

How is this possible?


Answer: His horse was called “Friday”


12/. What’s this?

Lateral thinking puzzle 6 fo kids


Answer: Two degrees below zero


13/. A wet puzzle question

A man goes for a walk in the rain. He takes no raincoat or umbrella. When her returns home, he is saturated, but not a single hair on his head is wet?

How is this possible?


Answer: He’s bald

14/. What’s this?

This lateral thinking puzzle gets a little harder for those that are doing well.

Lateral thinking puzzle 7 for kids


Answer: Neon light (knee – on – light)

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15/. This riddle makes no sense as all!

You’re driving a city bus that picks up many passengers.

At the first stop, a girl with blonde hair gets on. She sits on the kerb-side of the bus.

At the second stop, another woman with blonde hair gets on. She also sits on the kerb-side of the bus.

At the third stop, a man with brown hair and two children with red hair get on. The man snears and sits behind the driver, while the two children sit at the very back of the bus.

What color is the bus driver’s hair?


Answer: You are the bus driver, so it is the color of your own hair.


16/. What’s this?

This lateral thinking puzzle is a little easier.

Lateral thinking puzzle six feet underground


Answer: Six feet underground


17/. The riddle of saving pets

There is a flood, you are caught on a tiny piece of land, and the water is rising rapidly. You need to carry your three pets across to the safety of higher land across the floodwaters, but you can only carry one pet at a time. the problem is that:

  • The dog will kill the cat if left alone;
  • The cat will eat the mouse if left alone.

How do you get all three pets to the other side?

  1. On the first trip, you carry the cat across and return empty-handed;
  2. On the second trip, you carry the dog across, but this time, you return with the cat;
  3. On the third trip you, carry the mouse across, and then return again empty-handed; and
  4. On the fourth trip, you bring the cat across again.


18/. What’s this?




Answer: He’s by himself or he’s beside himself


19/. The bathwater brain teaser

You are sitting in a bathtub full of water nearly to the top. You have a bucket, a glass, and a spoon.

Which is the best way to empty the bath?


Answer: Pull the plug.


20/. What’s this? Puzzle for creative stimulation




Answer: Glance backwards


21/. The bus drive puzzled by trigonometry

The bus company has a very strict rule … no parcels or luggage are allowed onboard that are over 4 feet in length.

You’ve just purchased a single-piece kite that is 5 feet long. The kite can’t be folded or disassembled. You try to board the bus.

“That kite is too long,” says the bus driver.

You take the kite (fully assembled and without alteration) and put it into the box it originally came in.

“No, it’s not,” you say. “It’s within the 4 feet limit.”

The bus driver takes a tape measure and checks the length of the box.

“My mistake,” says the bus driver. “It’s only 4 feet long and meets our requirements. Come aboard.”

How is this possible?


The kite originally came in a box that was 4 feet X 3 feet. The kite was packed diagonally in the box.

The sum of the squared sides equals the sum of the hypotenuse.

16 + 9 = 25

A 5 feet length kite exactly fits diagonally in a 3 X 4 box.


22/. What’s this?

Death . . . . . . . . . . . . life


Answer: Life after death


23/. The puzzle of correct passwords.

Read the following conversation and answer the question at the end.

You: “Mom, I can’t log in to my computer. My password is altered.”

Your Mom: “I needed to change it to a word with 8 letters instead of 7. Your password is now distinct and contains two of the letters of your previous password.”

What is your new password?

What was your old password?

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Answer: Your new password is “distinct”. Your old password was “altered”.


24/. What’s this?



Answer: Think BIG!


25/. What’s this?




Answer: Rewriting history.


26/. What’s this?

abbbaaaa abbabbbab aaaaaaba baaab


Answer: Long time no “C”

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