Lateral Thinking “Fiction”



Coming soon:

An epic story of accidental contact with aliens that will forever alter our human destiny …


‘That first domino began an endless chain of events that cannot be escaped …

not by the limitlessness of space,

nor even by the end of time itself …’



Advanced aliens watch over us

There is a dangerous evolutionary threshold we must first survive before they make contact …


World-famous lateral thinker, Julius “Caesar” Romeo, has a secret passion … to explore the alien question.  His mission to outback Australia to prove the existence of UFOs ends badly, but a chance encounter is about to unlock everything.

Evan Armstrong is afflicted by dreams that warn of an apocalyptic future. A traumatic incident ends the dreams, to reveal fractured memories of something he was never meant to remember … an unintended alien encounter in Roswell, 1947. 

Melanie Stuart is the glue that binds Caesar’s empire. Her religious beliefs cause considerable conflict with her boss, but as Evan’s story unfolds, something unexpected manifests … a bridge from science to religion.



‘If an alien species were waiting for a particular moment in our evolution to make contact … they would choose this moment’


The evolutionary trial of


. . . is soon upon us




Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Speculative Metaphysical Sci-fi Thriller


Beta-reader feedback:

Why do aliens fear us? A burning question that holds the tension right through this gripping drama. The answer … WOW! – Melanie Wright – BETA READER

The next JULES VERNE. Insightful extrapolations of our known science. ” – Andrew Fiener PhD PHYSICS

A bridge between science and religion. An incredible tale. Michael Muxworthy is an author to watch” – David Daniel – AUTHOR

The truth behind the KENNEDY assassination. Michael explores the consequences of unintended alien contact with chilling realism” – Susan Dunn – BRAND MANAGER

This is fiction … you will believe. The coverup of an alien crash at Roswell so believable and brilliantly researched, I question if it actually happened” – Anthony Bray – BETA READER

Intimate detail and understanding of powerful lateral thinking creative processes. Disruptive creativity inspired by an alien perspective, brought to life through imaginative fiction.” – Steve Smith – FRIEND & BETA READER



‘We made a terrible mistake, Julius …

We should never have trusted the aliens.’

(Currently in the developmental editing process)

“Having explored most of Edward de Bono’s offerings, I can only conclude that the man is a genius.

“Honestly, the depth of thinking and resources he has created is astounding.

“The problem is . . .

not enough people are being engaged

 – Michael Muxworthy



A new way to engage . . .

A strategy to turn the groupthink tide . . .


Lateral Thinking . . . Fiction


Breakthrough science and philosophy to ignite your passions.

Disruptive creativity to haunt your dreams.