Lateral Thinking Author of Fiction


“A powerful investigation into the alien question”


First book coming soon:

For most of his adult life, Evan Armstrong has been afflicted by dreams of a frightening encounter that warns of an apocalyptic future.

A traumatic incident in Rwanda ends the dreams, to be replaced by fractured memories of something he was never meant to remember.


“Breakthrough science and philosophy to ignite your passions . . . disruptive creativity to haunt your dreams”

World-famous lateral thinking entrepreneur, Julius “Caesar” Romeo, has a secret passion … he loves to chase aliens. Julius considers his encounter with Evan Armstong to be a coincidence … or so he believes.

As their flight from Australia to Hawaii progresses, as their trust and friendship build, Julius realizes that Evan is passing him a terrifying legacy.

The Illuminati – Majestic 12 – A New World Order

 Not just theories . . . you will believe.

Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Coming soon


Beta-reader feedback:

The next JULES VERNE. Insightful extrapolations of our known science. ” – Andrew Fiener PhD PHYSICS

A bridge between science and religion. An incredible tale. Michael Muxworthy is an author to watch” – David Daniel – AUTHOR

The truth behind the KENNEDY assassination. Michael explores the consequences of unintended alien contact with chilling realism” – Susan Dunn – BRAND MANAGER

Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind

Solve this …

Use 3 separate lines (straight or curved) to join the boxes labeled with letters; a single line for each to join “A” to “A”, “B” to “B” and “C” to “C”. The lines cannot touch or cross each other. They must stay inside the (black lines of the) diagram, and cannot touch the sides. They cannot touch or go through other boxes. There’s no trick involved.

Lateral thinking demonstration


Over a lifetime, your thought process has been conditioned, or “blinkered”. You probably couldn’t solve the puzzle because of two deeply entrenched teachings:

  1. “A” comes before “B” and “C; and
  2. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

SEE the solution HERE

The Kennedy Assassination

… an unintended consequence of the Roswell encounter?

The JFK assassination … from an entirely alien perspective.

Not just a theory . . . you will believe.