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Disruptive Author Michael Muxworthy


An incursion into US airspace on July 3, 1947, exhibits extremely advanced technology.  A top-secret military report concludes the bogey can only be Nazi-inspired Soviet technology igniting the Cold War.

Evan Armstrong is dying. He holds a terrible secret. The once 17-year-old Roswell Air Force Cadet is the last surviving witness to an alien encounter who swore an oath of secrecy.  Mankind’s survival depends on it.  As his time draws near, Evan realizes that they’ve made a terrible mistake . . .

“We should never have trusted the aliens”


Speculative fiction synopsis

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Beta reader feedback:

A bridge between science and religion. An incredible tale. I’m confused though . . . Is it fiction? Michael Muxworthy is an author to watch” – David Daniel – AUTHOR

You really will believe. Michael explores the consequences of unintended alien contact with chilling realism” – Susan Dunn – LIGHTBOX COMMUNICATIONS

 Finally, the truth behind the KENNEDY assassination. I am in no doubt that the twisted evolutionary pathway that Michael describes IS our future. Excellent exctrapolations of our known science. Brilliant!” – Patrick Fiener PhD PHYSICS

Lateral thinking investigations
. . . of the third kind

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The disruptive first novel of the “Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind” series from Michael Muxworthy, is nearing completion.

Disruptive Author Michael Muxworthy
Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind. Michael Muxworthy Disruptive Author

In this first book of the series, I relate the essence of events that occurred in Roswell, 1947, as they were told to me . . . an incredible story that’s been hidden up until now by an oath that should have never been sworn.

As we glimpse back into our shameful past; from mankind’s earliest encounters and religious beginnings through to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; from a new perspective of current world events to an unfolding frightening future; I open your mind to the devastating reality of the unintentional consequences of past alien contact.

Our journey commences with an incursion into American airspace on July 3, 1947, that caused considerable havoc within the American military. An incursion that remains largely unexplained, hidden and forgotten . . . until now. Read more.

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

THIS IS FICTION. YOU WILL BELIEVE, will be completed soon, and ready for publishing in 2019. To view the SYNOPSIS please click here.

Brought to you by Michael Muxworthy – Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author

Caesar Rising – The “Future” Series

“Caesar Rising” is the second series of the lateral thinking inspired novels from disruptive author, Michael Muxworthy. This series extrapolates the consequences of past alien interference in our development, and also considers how we will interact with these advanced alien beings. They exist. They are aware of our existence. They have interfered with our development. They want to shape our future.

Even further truth and consequences from alien interaction with mankind will soon be told. The “Caesar Rising” series from Michael John Muxworthy will reveal, in responsible and manageable stages, the truth about more recent alien intervention and contact with Earth. Artistic license in the retelling of actual events creates a vehicle to deliver insight into lateral thinking derived breakthrough scientific theory and also the radical new interpretation of religious prophecy.

“If both science and religion seek the truth, eventually they MUST agree”

To immerse yourself in the revealing of these future prophecies is to free your mind from the shackles of what you have learned over a lifetime so that truth and reality become evident. Truth is not only stranger than fiction, but it is also more terrifying, more exciting and filled with greater challenges than anything that can be imagined. Nothing put to print or film previously will prepare you for what is revealed. Our only hope is to prepare for the dangers that lie ahead; dangers that religion and science both clearly point to.

Click here to learn more about this exciting future series from Michael John Muxworthy

THIS IS FICTION. YOU WILL BELIEVE, the first novel of the “Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind” series is nearing completion. This breakthrough lateral thinking derived creativity is the foundation that is built upon in the “Caesar Rising” series.

Brought to you by Michael Muxworthy – Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author