Lateral thinking and creative skill development

Lessons for business, home, or school

Powerful free lessons for happiness and wealth



In this course, you will learn:

  • Why we need creativity;
  • To differentiate with original thinking; and
  • Creative management solutions for home, school, and business.

There are 14 short easy lessons … about 10 minutes per lesson.

Along the way, I’ll encourage you to make use of a wide variety of support pages and activities that will give you the confidence to differentiate your thinking … to take the lead:

Examples; Exercises; Puzzles; Definitions; and Quotes.

Create neural pathways of good habits.


At the end of each lesson, I’ll be reminding you to teach as you learn so that you eventually find yourself surrounded by a “bubble” of like-minded creativity and enthusiasm for the “differentiated pathway”.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid grasp of the creative process, and a toolkit full of useful skills forever at your ready.

The best way to proceed:

  1. Quickly read/scan through the entire course (20-30 mins) to get a feel of the overall thrust;
  2. Come back fresh and work each lesson (10-15 mins each) thoroughly; and
  3. As you learn … share, and teach. Establish neural pathways of positive habits and create a “bubble” of creativity all around you.

Good luck!

You’re ready to start . . . LESSON ONE.

A simple puzzle that demonstrates blinkered thinking.

 – – – – –

We should never have trusted the aliens

14 FREE Lateral Thinking Lessons

Lateral thinking lessons content:

Lateral thinking lesson ONE – Blinkered Thinking

A simple puzzle that demonstrates how our experiences and learning over a lifetime can “blinker” our thinking.

Why can’t you solve this simple puzzle?

Lateral thinking lesson TWO – Random Starting Points

Randomly chosen starting points are an easy and effective tool to break the shackles of your “blinkered” thinking. Learn how from these practical examples.

Lateral thinking lesson THREE – How creativity works

Creative thinking involves the DELIBERATE combining of ideas and things not previously considered. See how creative combinations work.

Lateral thinking lesson Four – Alternative perspectives

Successful outcomes can often be improved with this simple lateral thinking technique. Discover hidden alternatives with this creative tool.

Lateral thinking lesson Five – Provocation

Sometimes, you just need to “stir the pot” to see what floats to the top.

From conflict … comes opportunity.

Lateral thinking lesson Six – Challenge existing concepts

This is a lateral thinking skill we had as children, but somehow it gets buried as we get older. Learn again to ask the question “why”.

Lateral thinking lesson Seven – Escape dominant thinking

Should you challenge something that works well? It’s all too easy to fall into a comfort zone with things that “ain’t broken”. If you yearn to grow and improve, this lateral thinking strategy is awesome. Learn how to build on existing success.

Lateral thinking lesson Eight – Backwards planning

This creative lateral thinking strategy involves deciding what you want and then creating a path to get there. Learn this creative planning technique here.

Lateral thinking lesson Nine – Goal setting

This creative goal strategy is ONLY for the passionate amongst us. If you are passionate about achieving something, this creative process is guaranteed to your goals within reach. Are you ready to be successful?

Lateral thinking lesson Ten – Creative speaking

Be able to speak confidently, and expertly, on any subject, at any time, with this simple creative technique. Never be lost for words that people love to hear.

Lateral thinking lesson Eleven – Creative combinations

This extremely practical creative lateral thinking technique will make you super productive and effective. Click here to learn the power of combining.

Lateral thinking lesson Twelve – Problem-solving

This simple and creative four-step procedure is the making of a leader. Don’t live with problems, show leadership and resolve all your problems easily. Start solving your problems now.

Lateral thinking lesson Thirteen – Time management

Have you ever noticed that when you try to plan your time, it rarely works? Don’t. This powerful technique will allow you to efficiently and productively manage your time WITHOUT having to make unnecessary plans. Start making better use of your time.

Lateral thinking lesson Fourteen – Memory pegs

Never write down a shopping list again. Go to meetings and “listen”, and not need to take notes. Learn this powerful memory skill that uses your imagination.

These free lateral thinking lessons more powerful than anything else in the lateral thinking, creative thought, or creative management learning marketplace today. Why?

  1. A focus on simplicity, effectiveness, and habit;
  2. You can share/interact with all ages, all levels of education;
  3. Unlimited free support from the author;
  4. A truly broad and diverse mix of skills; and
  5. It’s absolutely free!

In 28 years of development of my various personal, management, creative and lateral thinking skills, I’ve become familiar with an enormous array of the various techniques and tools on offer. However, despite this vast library of knowledge, I find myself constantly drawing upon the same few skills over and over again. Why? Because simplicity is power!

I sincerely hope you enjoy, learn and grow,

Michael JohnMuxworthy – Disruptive Author

Additional pages to assist your journey to lateral thinking creativity excellence:

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

These lateral thinking puzzles are an excellent stimulus before you begin each lesson. Your reasoning is shackled by your experiences and learning. Try your hand at this highly creative mix of puzzles.

Lateral Thinking Exercises

It’s one thing to do the lateral thinking lesson, it’s another to actually successfully implement the new skill or technique you learn. Before moving on to the next lesson, take up the lateral thinking challenge of these well-conceived exercises designed to perfectly complement your lesson. Click here to view the lateral thinking exercises.

Original Lateral Thinking Examples

To understand the purpose of my lateral thinking lessons, take a look at these classic examples of creativity in action. Click here for the best examples of lateral thinking anywhere.

What Is Lateral Thinking?

Most definitions of lateral thinking are narrow and limit their description to the problem-solving attributes of this remarkable discipline. My definition of lateral thinking goes further to describe the creative opportunity this skill offers. Click here for a truly broad and all-encompassing definition of lateral thinking.

Lateral Thinking and Creativity Quotes

To appreciate the awesome creativity of the mind that can be learned, I’ve assembled some of the finest lateral thinking quotes available anywhere. Click here to appreciate the creativity of great lateral thinkers.


Lateral thinking lessons and creative management skills from Michael Muxworthy are more powerful and go further and faster than anything else in the marketplace. The very best and most effective lateral thinking skills and techniques available are skillfully merged with creative thinking, enlightened management, and personal development practices.

As a whole, these lessons offer an incredible leap forward in your potential to create, resolve, grow and be happy. The ultimate personal development skills offered anywhere are yours for free to celebrate the soon to be released opening novel of the “Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind” series, “We should never have trusted the aliens”.

With nearly 30 years of personal and management training experience, I’ve cut through the jargon, removed the padding, and delivered a hard-hitting, intense interactive workshop that does what no other course can match, it builds neural pathways of habit that can’t possibly be achieved in less intense and focused teaching. Lateral thinking, creative thinking, personal development and highly effective managerial techniques all skillfully interwoven to create the most powerful training course anywhere.

Enjoy, learn and grow.

School teachers and students!

This training is perfect for all ages.

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