Puzzles that make you cringe LOL

31. Puzzling Rice.

A man buys enormous quantities of rice for $1 a pound, sells it to the poor for 10 cents a pound, and becomes a millionaire.


     Clue – More rich people should do this.

The disruptive process of lateral thinking doesn’t always give the best answers/ideas/thinking

It gives original thinking, that often leads to better outcomes

Why do we need disruption to the way we think?

Check out:

Blinkered thinking


     Answer – He started as a billionaire.

Alternative Answer – His kindness gets noticed, drawing many customers to his business

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32. Many Wives.

A man marries 10 very happy wives, but he’s not a polygamist.


     Clue – He is a person held in very high regard.

Creative thinking can be learned

It’s easy … and it’s fun!

See lateral thinking at work in MY world:

Everyday situation saved by lateral thinking

Lateral Thinking in Business

     Answer – The man is a priest.

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33.  Bang!

A man fires his huge gun and soon realizes that it was a huge mistake.

He will almost certainly die soon.

How does he die if he isn’t shot?

     Clue – The bigger the gun, the more likely this will happen.

Lateral thinking is the deliberate breaking of the shackles that inhibit creative and original thinking

To understand exactly what lateral thinking is …

Check out these creative definitions

     Answer – He starts an avalanche.

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34. Guilty, but …

An unscrupulous man commits inexcusable murder.

He is rightfully convicted.

However, he doesn’t go to jail because it would be an injustice to do so.


     Clue – It is wrong to send an innocent man to jail.

The purpose of everything is to evolve … it is our human ability to be creative that makes our own evolution so interesting

Evolve your thinking:

Free Lateral Thinking Lessons

     Answer – The man is a Siamese twin.

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35.  Puzzling Death.

A man is dead in a locked (from the inside) empty room. He has been stabbed in the chest, but there is no weapon to be found?

     Clue – There is a watermark on the floor.

Life is “trying things to see if they work”

Take a quick look at everything there is to try out on this website:

Lateral Thinking Tools

     Answer – The man stabbed himself with an icicle.

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36.  Rescue Puzzle.

A man who cannot swim at all falls overboard without a life preserver or anything else to assist him.

Several hours later, the ship returns and rescues the man.

How is it he didn’t drown?

     Clue – The location is important here.

What is now proved was once only imagined

Imagination is key to this goal-setting method:

Achieving exceptional goals

     Answer – He was in the dead sea. The water salinity kept him floating without needing to swim.

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37. One-Way.

A truck driver going south on a one-way street that goes north is spotted by a police officer.

How is it that he doesn’t get a ticket?

     Clue – No fuel required.

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club

Take inspiration from these:

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     Answer – The truck driver was walking on the footpath.

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38. What did you buy?

You walk into a hardware store, see what it is that you were looking for, and ask the sales assistant about the prices.

You:          ‘How much for one?’

Assistant:  ‘Five dollars’

You:          ‘How much for sixteen?’

Assistant:  ‘Ten dollars’

You:          ‘How much for one hundred?’

Assistant:  ‘Fifteen dollars’

What are you buying?

     Clue – The second and third quotes are what you expected.

“If you never change your mind, why have one?”

 – Edward de Bono

Are you thinking of starting a business?

Advice for the entrepreneur

     Answer – You are buying house numbers to display on your front fence

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