Nine free lateral thinking tools to help you on your journey

The following 9 links have been designed to help you understand and learn the lateral thinking creative process.

(1) Lateral thinking overview:

I’m here to tell you that the creative thinking process is actually very simple and can be learned by everyone. Before exploring your lateral thinking tools further, take a moment to view my personal understanding of the subject.

(2) Lateral thinking lessons;

Fourteen diverse, free and powerful lessons that will change your life.

(3) Lateral thinking (lesson support) exercises;

These exercises are to support the lessons and create neural pathways of good habit.

(4) Lateral thinking quotes;

Draw insight and motivation from these thoughtful quotations.

(5) Lateral thinking puzzles;

Lateral thinking puzzles are the perfect “warm up” to lessons, training, and meetings. Lot’s of fun.

(6) Lateral thinking definitions;

What is lateral thinking?

The definitions of Edward de Bono only go so far. My definitions go further. It is the element of disruption that creates the opportunity to think laterally that truly differentiates lateral thinking from other creative processes.

(7) Classic lateral thinking examples;

Learn and understand by example. Classic lateral thinking examples from Soloman to the present day.

(8) Lateral thinking applied; 

Check out the examples of how I’ve applied lateral thinking skills to the development of this exciting new series of novels coming out soon.

(9) Lateral thinking applied to the alien question!

My new book, THIS IS FICTION. YOU WILL BELIEVE, is the first ever lateral thinking novel written (to my knowledge) and promises disruptive creativity in the fields of science, philosophy, and science-fiction. You will believe!

Enjoy, learn, and grow,

Michael Muxworthy – Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author 

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Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Coming soon – Michael Muxworthy