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Disruptive lateral thinking lessons

14 short lesson strategy to a differentiated perspective


Lesson ONE:   Blinkered thinking

Lesson TWO:   Random starting points

Lesson THREE:   How creativity works

Lesson FOUR:   Alternative perspectives

Lesson FIVE:   Provocative operation … “po”

Lesson SIX:   Challenge existing concepts

Lesson SEVEN:   Escape dominant thinking

Lesson EIGHT:   Backwards planning

Lesson NINE:   Goal setting

Lesson TEN:   Creative speaking

Lesson ELEVEN:   Creative combinations

Lesson TWELVE:   Problem-solving

Lesson THIRTEEN:   Time management

Lesson FOURTEEN:   Memory technique


Train your brain lateral thinking



Practice your use of these five lateral thinking tools:

Random Starting Points – Alternative Perspectives – Challenge Existing Concepts – Escape Dominant Thinking – Creative Combinations


Creative and lateral thinking quotes



The BEST lateral thinking and creative quotes from around the world and across time.


50 Lateral thinking puxxles

Lateral thinking puzzles (top 50)

Puzzles: 1 to 10

Puzzles: 11 to 20

Puzzles: 21 to 30

Puzzles: 31 to 40

Puzzles: for kids (too)


Definition of lateral thinking


Definitions from Edward de Bono and Michael Muxworthy. What is lateral thinking?


Judgment of Solomon
Lateral Thinking example – Judgment of Solomon



Lateral thinking advice for the entrepreneur

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