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Lateral thinking examples and exercises …

These lateral-thinking-themed pages give the most powerful examples that can be found on the internet:

Job interview questions and resume inclusions

Lateral thinking isn’t just for senior management anymore. Learn how to demonstrate and sell your differentiated thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Everyday examples in daily life

This is MY FAVORITE examples page. Lateral thinking and creative management skills can handle literally any situation with AMAZING outcomes. Arguments – kids – fun – adventure – LIFE!

Business examples … differentiation Vs competition

Secure new business – Grow existing business – Stop competing and secure your business with much higher profit margins.

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Pages that assist …

The “assist” pages are new, and their numbers will grow soon:

Concise definition … What is lateral thinking? And what is the future for creative thinking?

See my vision for turning the “groupthink” tide.

Inspirational creative quotes.

A collection of quotes that have inspired me, and a few that I’ve come up with on my own. Every now and then I visit this page myself to be reminded of why I keep going at the pace that I do LOL

Advice for the entrepreneur. Don’t focus on competing!

Often, the best person for the job is the person without specific experience. Are you an “expert” in the field of your endeavors? Your expertise might be working against you!

Author page coming soon:

Lateral thinking for authors/writers – writing prompt strategies – plot development techniques. (Page currently under construction, please bookmark this MENU page and come back).

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The most powerful free lessons anywhere on the internet …

A small investment of a few hours of your time WILL be life-changing for you … and also those you care about.

Success- Happiness – Prosperity

Introduction to the course

Build lateral thinking and creative management skills.

Lesson ONE:   Blinkered thinking

Lesson TWO:   Random starting points

Lesson THREE:   How creativity works

Lesson FOUR:   Alternative perspectives

Lesson FIVE:   Provocative operation … “po”

Lesson SIX:   Challenge existing concepts

Lesson SEVEN:   Escape dominant thinking

Lesson EIGHT:   Backwards planning

Lesson NINE:   Goal setting

Lesson TEN:   Creative speaking

Lesson ELEVEN:   Creative combinations

Lesson TWELVE:   Problem-solving

Lesson THIRTEEN:   Time management

Lesson FOURTEEN:   Memory technique

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Puzzles, games, and activities …

The most-effective introduction you can have is one that you enjoy and want to share with others. Open the door with some fun and stimulating puzzles and activities.

Activities for children that teach creativity

Engaging with your child’s natural inclination to be creative is fun … and powerfully rewarding.

Lateral thinking puzzles

Puzzles are a tool. They refresh. They invigorate. They’re like a reset button.

Puzzles: 1 to 10

Puzzles: 11 to 20

Puzzles: 21 to 30

Puzzles: 31 to 40

Puzzles: for kids (too)

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