Lesson objective:

To demonstrate the need for “disruptive” creativity


Welcome to lesson ONE


Use 3 separate lines (straight or curved) to join the boxes labeled with letters; a single line for each to join “A” to “A”, “B” to “B”, and “C” to “C”.

The lines cannot touch or cross each other.

They must stay inside the black lines of the diagram, and cannot touch the sides.

They cannot touch or go through other boxes.

There’s no trick involved.

Lateral thinking helps solve problems

Having trouble?

An  additional clue appears just below, but try to solve the puzzle without looking at the clue first LOL

“Our “expertise” can sometimes work against us. It often limits our ability to derive new alternatives or generate original thinking”


You probably couldn’t solve the puzzle because of your expertise in two things:

  1. “A” comes before “B” and “C;” and

  2. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

In your mind, you likely first drew a straight line between the two “A” boxes.

At that point, you thought “it’s impossible”, or “there’s some sort of trick to this”. Your education and experiences were working against you.

The solution appears below

 – – – – –


Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Coming soon – Michael Muxworthy

“Life’s greater purpose is to evolve.

It is our capacity for creativity … that makes our human evolution so exceptional“

Coming soon from Lateral thinking author, Michael Muxworthy, a powerful exposition into the alien question.

Lateral thinking investigations … of the third kind


Chapter ONE



The solution is really quite simple.

The solution to blinkered thinking problem


The best solutions/options aren’t always clear.

Habits, education, and life experiences can “blinker” our views.

Lateral thinking techniques are simple but powerful methods of “disruption” that help us to break the shackles of our blinkered thinking.


Learn your first disruptive technique …

Random inputs to generate original thinking



Always share and discuss what you have learned.

 – – – – –

Check out the concise definition: What is lateral thinking?

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For the complete lateral thinking menuClick here

More than 10 years in the writing … it’s close(r) LOL …

Michael Muxworthy author

‘That first domino began an endless chain of events that cannot be escaped;

not by the limitlessness of space,

nor even by the end of time itself …’

“We should NEVER have trusted the aliens”

Chapter ONE


4 thoughts on “1. Blinkered Thinking

  1. Hi I tried this exercise on family and work colleagues, young and old. No one was able to get the puzzle out, except for my son’s 13 year old friend. At only 13 he’s obviously had fewer years of conditioning, and this was impressively obvious as he proceeded to solve the puzzle in literally 30 seconds.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Good for you, Roger. Remember, one lesson per day, and comment after each lesson. If you want your comments to be private, just say so in the comment. Good luck.


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