‘That first domino began an endless chain of events that cannot be escaped,

not by the limitlessness of space,

nor even by the end of time itself …’




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(N.B. this is “WIP” and will require a little further editing)


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About the first book:

For most of his adult life, Evan Armstrong has been afflicted by strange dreams that warn of an apocalyptic future. A traumatic incident ends the dreams, to be replaced by fractured memories of something he was never meant to remember.

With his time drawing near, Evan reaches out as he realizes that back in Roswell, 1947 … they made a huge mistake!

“We should never have trusted the aliens”

World-famous lateral thinking entrepreneur, Julius “Caesar” Romeo, has a secret passion … he loves to chase aliens. Julius considers his meeting with Evan to be a coincidence, but as their time together forges a powerful friendship, Julius realizes that Evan is in fact handing him a terrifying legacy.

Melanie “Mel” Stuart works for Caesar. She’s his strength and his keeper, and she’s the real power behind the rise of the Romeo business empire. Mel also has a secret … she’s in love with her boss. Evan’s “story” doesn’t sit well with her beliefs or her plans.

Julius and Mel are polar opposites in almost every way … it’s what makes them such an effective team. They find an unexpected new common purpose … to unravel the events of 1947 that threaten our future survival.   

Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Coming soon – Michael Muxworthy

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