French Family Ancestry

This page is dedicated to the French family line working backwards from Susan Jane, and Michael John, Muxworthy.

Special thanks to Theresa French for her efforts in tracking down our family ancestry


Sibling rivalry
Michael John and Susan Jane “Sibling rivalry”


Michael and Susan Muxworthy (photo taken in 1991).

Children of Margaret Minfred French and William ‘John’ Muxworthy.

Michael John was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on the 29th of May, 1960.

Susan Jane was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on the 9th of September, 1965.


Susan on holidays with her boys at their favourite beach destination of Coolum



Susan Muxworthy married Denis Dunn in 2000.


Susan and Denis Dunn had two boys:

– Jack Wiliam (17th February, 2004); and

– Matthew Denis John (12th June, 2007)





Photo of Margaret Minfred French age 18

Margaret Minfred French.

Born: 12th April, 1935


3rd child of Christopher Harold St George French and Amy Louise Obst.

Margaret passed away peacefully at home with her family beside her on Friday 26 November, 2021.

‘A rebel within’

Margaret Minfred Was born in Ayr, Central Queensland, Australia



Margaret Minfred French married William ‘John’ Muxworthy in November 1959.

Queensland Police motto ‘With honour we serve’ was created by Margaret after a run-in with the law via a competition to come up with an inspirational tagline in 1993. It is still in use today. (See recently published news article)



Margaret first met her future husband John at Brisbane’s famous “Cloudland”.

Margaret at her debutante ball


Norman (Norm) James French.


2nd child of Christopher Harold St George French and Amy Louise Obst.

Norm was born in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Norm married Shirley Veronica McKey on the 2nd of August 1958 at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane


Norm and Shirly had three children:

– Twin boys Barry James and Mark Christopher (born 1959); and

– Helen Louise (born 1962?)

Barry James French married Dianne TBA and had three daughters:





Helen Louise French married Graham TBA.

They have a son, Christopher


(Information to come)



Delphine (Del) May French.

Born: 2nd February 1924

Married: George Henry Graves

Born. 12.11.24. d. 11.06.22

1st child of Christopher Harold St George French and Amy Louise Obst.


Delphine May French married George Henry Graves on TBA.


Christopher ‘Harold’ St. George French

Son of Christopher St. George French & Susanne Charlotte Magrath

Harold married Amy Louise Obst and had three children: Delphine, Norman, and Margaret

Thumbnail pictures are of Amy Louise on her wedding day and Amy with her eldest daughter Delphine and son Norman.


“Pop” sadly died on ANZAC DAY, 1965, his lungs finally succumbing to the German mustard gas he faced in WW1. He is often accredited as being the ‘ghost’ that has been ever present since Grandson Michael’s early childhood years right through to this day. He is still clearly remembered by Michael even though he was only four when his Grandfather died.




Photo of Christopher St. George French & Susanna Charlotte Magrath

This photo was taken at a Dublin photo studio before coming to Australia

Susan Jane Dunn (Nee Muxworthy) was named after her Great Grand Mother, Susanna








Sir John French

“The Little Field Marshal”

(still investigating the link)

You can read all about Sir John on Wikipedia.