The disruptive first novel of the “Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind” series from Michael Muxworthy, is nearing completion.

Michael Muxworthy Sci-fi Novel
Coming soon – Michael Muxworthy

In this first book of the series, I relate the essence of events that occurred in Roswell, 1947, as they were told to me . . . an incredible story that’s been hidden up until now by an oath that should have never been sworn.

As we glimpse back into our shameful past; from mankind’s earliest encounters and religious beginnings through to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; from a new perspective of current world events to an unfolding frightening future; I open your mind to the devastating reality of the unintentional consequences of past alien contact.

Our journey commences with an incursion into American airspace on July 3, 1947, that caused considerable havoc within the American military. An incursion that remains largely unexplained, hidden and forgotten . . . until now. Read more.

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