Introduction to lateral thinking lessons

Hello, and welcome to Michael Muxworthy’s FREE creativity, lateral thinking, personal development and creative management skills training.

You can pay ten’s of thousands of dollars (or much, much more) and take years to learn personal development skills . . . or, you can learn the best of them here for free in only 10 to 20 minutes per day for two weeks. This course selects the most user-friendly and easy to apply “NOW” skills of my personal training journey over 28 years.

The MOST powerful range of skills I can bring within your reach is a combination of creative and lateral thinking techniques and understanding that you can easily and effectively put into practice without the need of complicated reference books, completely unnecessary software, and expensive long drawn out training. Skills that are so easy, and so effective, you will readily incorporate their benefits into your daily routine; skills that become habitual as neural pathways result from confirmed positive and repeated experiences.

This free skills learning is more powerful than anything else in the lateral thinking, creative thought, or creative management learning marketplace today. Why?

  1. A focus on simplicity, effectiveness, and habit. You will easily complete this course in minimal time using techniques that create good habits;
  2. This course is for everybody, and you can share it/interact with all ages, all levels of education;
  3. Only 10 to 20 minutes per day for 14 days, this is a course everyone can make time for;
  4. More than JUST teach you, you will learn how to interact with and teach others around you. Perfect for enlightened teachers wanting to stretch their students’ potential;
  5. Unlimited free support from the author;
  6. A truly broad and diverse mix of skills and understanding that will combine to lift your productivity, your happiness, and your potential; and
  7. It’s absolutely free!

In 28 years of study, research and development of my various personal, management, creative and lateral thinking skills, I’ve become highly competent and familiar with an enormous array of the various techniques and tools on offer. However, despite this vast library of knowledge, I find myself constantly drawing upon the same few skills over and over again. Why? Because simplicity is power! I will be keeping these lateral thinking lessons short, simple, and extremely powerful.

Lateral thinking lessons that are easy to learn and incorporate into your daily routine.

Most of what is offered in the personal and creative/lateral thinking development marketplace is overly complex. While the skills offered within their training is awesome, rarely do I see people effectively engage what they learn. Lateral thinking, personal development, and creative skills trainers have good financial reasons to keep you coming back and paying more.

“My advice is incorporate these very simple but powerful creative techniques into your repertoire of life skills first. The benefits are enormous. If your passion is ignited as mine was, THEN consider paying for more substantive and  in-depth tuition. You will at least know where your real interest lies and you can take it as far as you like.”

You are better off starting with this personal development journey which has been designed to be as uncluttered, simple, yet powerful as possible, and able to be completed in an incredibly short amount of time. The pace will build as you work through these extremely practical lateral thinking lessons. The pace builds very rapidly so be prepared and make sure you dedicate quality time always.

If you struggle with any of the lessons, or you would like to share your own knowledge, opinions, or experiences, please leave your comments on the bottom of each lesson page. I will respond to all needs and inquiries as best as possible. I will also incorporate your ideas and thoughts if beneficial for others. I also invite direct contact via the Contact page on this website or use my personal Facebook link below.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, learn and grow,

Michael Muxworthy

Creative and Lateral Thinking Training

Creative Speaking

Are you ready for the most profound change in your life ever?

Please click here to begin your lateral thinking awakening

Caesar Rising series
Roswell’s Final Witness, Caesar Rising series

The application of lateral thinking skills to the alien question forms the basis of an exciting new series of novels – The Caesar Rising series.

Roswell’s Final Witness is the first novel of the series.

The writing of Roswell’s Final Witness is nearing completion.

These lateral thinking lessons created by Michael Muxworthy are more powerful, and go further, and faster, than anything else in the marketplace. The very best and most effective lateral thinking skills available are skillfully merged with creative thinking, enlightened management, and personal development practices.

As a whole, these lessons offer an incredible leap forward in your potential to create, resolve, grow and be happy. The ultimate personal development skills offered anywhere are yours for free to celebrate the soon to be released opening novel of the Caesar Rising series, Roswell’s Final Witness.

With nearly 30 years of personal and management training experience, Michael has cut through the jargon, remove the padding, and delivered a hard-hitting, intense interactive workshop that does what no other course can match, it builds neural pathways of habit that can’t possibly be achieved in less intense and focused teaching. Lateral thinking, creative thinking, personal development and highly effective managerial techniques all skillfully interwoven to create the most powerful training course anywhere.

Enjoy, learn and grow.

Michael Muxworthy

Lateral Thinking Investigations . . . of the Third Kind

Learning lateral thinking skills is fun!

If you are still reading this far down the page, please stop. This webpage content is not meant to be read by you. If you insist on continuing to read this distraction from the lateral thinking techniques and skills on offer in my lessons, let me tell you a little something about the process of gaining prominence, and in particular, how that process applies to the subject of lateral thinking, lateral thinking lessons, and lateral thinking techniques.

As the various pages of the Michael Muxworthy author website come to fruition, you will notice that I am constantly relating each page to the broader lateral thinking subject, but that each page has a specific lateral thinking “sub” subject. The words I was attempting to highlight here were lateral thinking lessons and lateral thinking techniques.

Have you ever noticed how much some websites “waffle” on and on about the Lateral thinking lesson subject without really saying anything about the creative lateral thinking techniques you have come looking to learn about? The reason for this is that they aren’t actually interested in giving you any sort of lateral thinking training at this point, they are merely putting on a show meant for things that aren’t human.

My introduction page was initially very long-winded, repetitive in the use of terms like lateral thinking techniques. I spaced these phrases out so as to not attract the ire of the mechanisms that make decisions, so I write stuff like this and then lateral thinking lesson just pops up out of the blue. Ahhhh, I can feel the surge as my ranking goes up as I write this drivel laced with lures for unsuspecting algorithms that have less intelligence than me.

Yesterday, that is the day before I wrote this crap, I shortened my Introduction down to a third of its lateral thinking size. Today, I checked my ranking on the phrase of lateral thinking lessons and I have disappeared from page one, I don’t even appear in page two, three, four and I just caught the end of page five.

How lateral thinking lessons crazy is that?

Realizing my mistake, but not wishing to inflict my poor students with endless and meaningless words of lateral thinking lessons and lateral thinking techniques drivel, I decided to try adding this copy after a point you should have left to boldly lateral think where no technique has been before. However, if you haven’t clicked through to the first lateral thinking lesson, Blinkered Thinking, and you are reading this, I’m embarrassed. You have caught me out bowing to the insurmountable pressure not driven by lateral thinking techniques but purely motivated by my ego’s demand that I appear up front where I belong.

Did you notice the link to the first lateral thinking lesson blinkered thinking? It is not a lateral thinking technique, merely a deceptive ploy to feign relevance to mindless bots that trawl my pages. Please go away if you are still reading this as my lateral thinking creativity is NOT on display here. I cannot tell you how miserable I find the thought process required behind this mindless task. Please go away and do one of my lateral thinking lessons and pick up on the techniques on offer. The techniques you will learn from my lateral thinking lessons might make you rich and then you can pay one of your own creative thinking students to do this crap on your websites.

My lateral thinking skills are really working hard here, I think I’ll finish with a bang and put some ghastly inaccurate but highly published, long-winded definition, one that includes the name of the founder of later thinking for good measure, Edward de Bono.

For those of you who don’t know, Edward de Bono is rife throughout everything on the topic of lateral thinking. The bots love him. Having seen many attend Edward de Bono’s lectures yet walk away with nothing, you might begin to understand why I have decided to create my own “introductory” creative and lateral thinking lessons and lateral thinking course. If anything, I believe it will substantially prepare you better for engaging in more advanced and complex training.

School teachers and students!

This training is perfect for all ages. There are puzzles, examples, exercises, quotes and definitions to help you along your journey.

I wonder if this will improve my lateral thinking rankings?

Definition – Lateral thinking is the process of solving problems through indirect and creative approaches, with the use of reasoning that is not immediately obvious, and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. This amazing discipline was first mooted in 1967 by Edward de Bono. His cited example was the Judgement of Solomon, where King Solomon resolves a dispute over the parentage of a child by calling for the child to be cut in half and making his judgment according to the reactions from the prospective parents. Edward de Bono maintains that lateral thinking distances itself from the standard perception of creativity as “vertical” logic (the common method for problem-solving).

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