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My name is Michael Muxworthy. I’m a keen advocate of the principals of lateral thinking. This website will give you what Edward de Bono won’t . . .  A SIMPLE, QUICK and FREE path to practical lateral thinking skills solutions that you can use every single day to ignite your creativity. Lateral thinking techniques that will actually apply effectively in your real world. Everything you will likely need or desire in the field of creative and lateral thinking is here for free. Nothing is for sale.

Lateral thinking definition:

“Lateral thinking is an ESCAPE from the prison we’ve constructed from our beliefs and understandings”

Later thinking stems from the premise that you are in a virtual prison that has been constructed from your education, your experiences, your environment, your beliefs, and your past. Every single one of us, (that includes me), has a “position” or “bias” on virtually everything. To prove this point beyond any doubt, please take a look at my first lateral thinking lesson.

Okay, so now that you understand that your thinking is “blinkered’ on many topics, let’s look at the lateral thinking definition above and expand upon it a little.

Lateral thinking definition expanded:

“Lateral thinking is the DELIBERATE breaking of the shackles that inhibit creative and original thinking”

For those of you who are aware of the teachings and philosophies of Edward de Bono, this is where his thinking and mine go very different directions. Mr. de Bono deserves full credit for his remarkable work and development of the discipline of lateral thinking. I absolutely admire the incredible thinking processes I use every single day and have also used to create a new series of novels that substantially alter our understandings of religion and science in positive and mutual direction.


Edward de Bono is all about Edward de Bono. He seems to DELIBERATELY complicate the lateral thinking procedures in order to promote his lateral thinking books, seminars, training, and meeting facilitators. He has failed (in my opinion) to fully realize the benefits of this incredible creative process into our daily lives.

Are the methods of Edward de Bono effective?

NO, but they really could and should be. Here’s my argument, you decide:

What is the GREATEST Lateral thinking discovery/innovation ever achieved by Edward de Bono?

Sadly, the greatest achievement I can find anywhere from the great man de Bono himself is the idea that polluters who use and pollute river water be forced to pump their waste upstream of where they take their water in. It’s a reasonable idea. The idea is that the polluters are more careful about what they pump into the river.

Ho hum. Seriously? That’s it? Hate to rain on your parade Mr. de Bono, but what’s to stop the polluters taking in and dumping their water at different times? Yep, a really stupid and unnecessary impost on industry is all you’ve achieved.

Name ONE SINGLE PERSON who has ever achieved lateral thinking fame, fortune or recognition from reading Edward de Bono’s books, attending one of Edward de Bono’s seminars or undertaking training from Edward de Bono himself (or one of his hundreds of trainers)?

I can’t think of a single one.

The fact is, that (in my opinion), Edward de Bono DELIBERATELY keeps these amazing powers to himself, and he is effectively incompetent in their application as he tries to only achieve results from the overly complex methods he promotes that bring him wealth.

Lateral thinking books

I’ve never read one.

I was given an Edward de Bono book once. I honestly can’t even remember which one it was, but I’m thinking it was his Six Hats book. I do remember it being long-winded, self-serving, rubbish. Well, to be honest, that opinion was formed within a couple of pages, and a quick flick through. It sat on my bookshelf for a while, then I moved and I filed it appropriately . . . in the bin.

Lateral thinking books that tell you about the process, explain the process, and proclaim to be teaching you about the process are overly complicated, and for too many of us, they become a complete waste of time.

The greatest “proof” of my argument is how few people today actually practice these amazing skills today. How many schools teach lateral thinking creativity in their classrooms. How many governments actively engage the methods in decision-making processes.

Too few.

Okay, my views are out there. I would like to see your views in the comment section below.

Lateral Thinking Author

“This is fiction. You will believe”

I’ve written a lateral thinking novel that will soon be available. It WON’T tell you how to use lateral thinking. What it does, is it involves you in the lateral thinking process I went through to theorize about some of the greatest mysteries in history. It breaks barriers of science and philosophy with innovation. That is how I will bring this incredible strategy within reach of the world.

Lateral thinking novel “This is fiction. You will believe” is nearing completion.

Michael Muxworthy – Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author

“Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind”

Lateral thinking creativity

Lateral thinking creativity of the mind is not a natural talent or gift. It is a range of skills that can be learned . . . easily learned. It’s never too late to get in touch with your creative side, and its never really too early to begin. I personally have interacted with positive creative results with children as young as 4.

Please take a look at the lateral thinking lessons introduction page here. Learn with the kids, your friends, or your colleagues at work. I promise you that this absolutely free lateral thinking course will change your world for the better.

The lateral thinking lessons available here have been created by me. They are NOT copied from books elsewhere, although I admit that some of the skills have been adapted fro a very powerful training program I was involved with back in the 1990’s called “Mercury” sales and management training. I was with an Australian media organization at the time (Fairfax Publications) and the then owner of Fairfax, Conrad Black, introduced the training to the company. I offer tremendous credit to both Mercury and Conrad Black for their influence.

It has taken me a lifetime to accumulate and refine my skills. They are yours, here, free, and only require 20 minutes per day for 14 consecutive days. Get started with your free lateral thinking training.

Lateral thinking examples

A businessman decides to cash in on a wave of recent enthusiasm in the game of baseball. He orders and pays (non-refundable) for 100,000 baseball bats in advance to be made in China. The Chinese however, know very little about the “science” of making quality baseball bats. When the bats arrive, despite looking the part, they are vastly inferior to the bats made in America. They only hit the ball HALF as far.

What can the lateral thinking businessman do?

He turns the situation to his advantage and orders 100,000 baseballs from the Chinese KNOWING that they will also be inferior and not be able to fly as far.

He then promotes his baseball bats and balls as the PERFECT combination for use in the backyard and hopefully turns disaster to profit.

These lateral thinking examples are a demonstration of the power of creativity. Take a quick look and return.

Lateral thinking puzzles

A man dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there, everyone is naked and appears to be only 18 years old. He sees a couple and recognizes them immediately as Adam and Eve. How?

     Clue – Adam and Eve were the FIRST man and woman. They must be different.

     Answer – Adam and Eve weren’t born from a woman so they had no umbilical chords or navels.

Lateral thinking puzzles are a great opener for lessons or meetings to get the crew thinking. Take a look at more lateral thinking puzzles here.

Lateral thinking author

Disruptive lateral thinking author, Michael John Muxworthy has a new series of novels soon to be released.

Series title:

“Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind”

First novel title:

“This is fiction. You will believe”

Hope you enjoy my writing. To learn more about disruptive lateral thinking author Michael John Muxworthy, please click here.

Lateral thinking quotes

Lateral thinking advice for the entrepreneur:

“Never be an expert! Never be the best! Never be really good at anything (except lateral thinking of course). If you are . . . STOP! You’ll not likely substantially succeed there. Try to be briefed and experienced at as wide a range of experiences and skills as possible. Get sufficient knowledge and experience only up to a point that you are able to recognize talent, then move up, or onto something new.

When you find that special something that you’re incredibly passionate about, leap forward without fear or hesitation. Trust in your own instincts, ignore and defy the experts. Strike boldly with absolute faith. Gather talent and the experts under you, but it’s you who must determine your business strategy and steer your course, not the experts. As soon as you begin to feel that you’re becoming an expert in the field of your passion, it’s time to MOVE ON! Don’t make the mistake of ending up being merely a cog in the machinery of your own creation.”

– Michael John Muxworthy – Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author

For the best lateral thinking and creative quotes collection anywhere in the world, please take a look here.

Lateral thinking exercises

Your Mission: Plan a holiday using lateral thinking innovation. See if you can create some improvements.

Your Random Starting Point: “Bonds”.

I started by thinking of what type of “bonds” there are and came up with my top three:

  1. Security bond. You could rent your home out while you are away;
  2. Take advantage of bonds with family, friends, organizations and ask for ideas, accommodation; activities, discounts, loans of cars etc etc etc; and
  3. Create strong bonds with the community where you holiday. They may invite you to events, give discounts or free accommodation, or even house swap at holiday time.

Simple lateral thinking exercises such as these are used as support for the free lateral thinking lessons available on this website. Check out the exercises.

Lateral thinking definitions

What is lateral thinking?

Lateral thinking is often referred to as the term that was coined by Maltese psychologist and physician, Dr. Edward de Bono in 1967. Edward de Bono defines lateral thinking as methods of thinking concerned with changing concepts or perception.

My personal understanding of lateral thinking varies from Edward de Bono considerably

For the ultimate compilation of lateral thinking definitions, please look here.

Lateral thinking applied

If you are interested to preview lateral thinking’s application in the first of my new series “Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind”  please click here.

I hope you find inspiration to pursue your lateral thinking creativity. Should you need any assistance with any part of the information available on this website, please contact me.

Michael Muxworthy – Disruptive lateral thinking author

14 great lateral thinking lessons to assist you on your path to creative success.

Lateral thinking lessons:

Lateral thinking  – Blinkered Thinking lesson 1

A simple puzzle that demonstrates how our experiences and learning over a lifetime can “blinker” our thinking.

Solve this simple puzzle if you can.

Lateral thinking  – Random Starting Points lesson 2

Random starting points are a simple tool to break the shackles of your “blinkered” thinking. Check out these practical examples.

Lateral thinking – How creativity works lesson 3

Creative thinking involves the considered combining of ideas and things not previously considered. Creative combinations at work.

Lateral thinking – Alternative perspectives lesson 4

Solve crimes and puzzles with this simple lateral thinking technique. Try out this creative tool.

Lateral thinking – Entrepreneurial creativity lesson 5

Don’t become a “cog in the machinery” with this lateral thinking advice for the entrepreneurial spirit. Rise above the day-to-day perspective.

Lateral thinking – Challenge existing concepts lesson 6

This creative skill we exhibited as children, but somehow it gets buried as we get older. “Why”.

Lateral thinking – Escape dominant thinking lesson 7

There’s a saying: “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. Let me show you how to build on existing success.

Lateral thinking – Backwards planning lesson 8

Decide what it is you want and then create a path to get there. Discover this creative planning technique here.

Lateral thinking – Goal setting lesson 9

This creative goal strategy is for the passionate person. Are you passionate enough to be successful?

Lateral thinking – Creative speaking lesson 10

Speak confidently and expertly on any subject. Never be lost for words.

Lateral thinking – Creative combinations lesson 11

An extremely practical creative lateral thinking technique that will make you productive and effective. Learn the power of combining.

Lateral thinking – Problem-solving lesson 12

A simple and creative four-step procedure for leaders, managers, and parents. Don’t live with problems, show leadership and resolve all your problems easily. Start solving your problems.

Lateral thinking – Time management lesson 13

This powerful technique will allow you to efficiently and productively manage your time WITHOUT having to make unnecessary plans. Start making better use of your time.

Lateral thinking – Memory pegs lesson 14

“Listen”, and not need to take notes. Learn this powerful memory skill.

Lateral thinking tools:

To assist you on your journey of creative and lateral thinking innovation, I’ve created a lateral thinking TOOLBOX that I recommend you keep handy by bookmarking the page. Click here to check out the complete range of lateral thinking tools available.

Lateral thinking support:

The most important tool you can have for your lateral thinking journey is support and advice. I, personally, will answer your questions at all times.

Lateral thinking. Enjoy, learn and grow.

This lateral thinking page has been brought to you by Michael Muxworthy, Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author.

Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind

“We are all prisoners of our experiences and what we learn”

– Michael John Muxworthy – Disruptive Lateral Thinking Author