Or Nazi-inspired Soviet technology?



Prepared by:

Eighth Air Force on behalf of Commanding General Roger Ramey.


On July 3, 1947, an unidentified aircraft crossed the US/Mexico border and eventually entered restricted airspace in Nevada. Top-secret testing was underway at the time. Attempts to track, intercept and locate the aircraft are described in the summarized reports below.

Report:           637th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

Commanding Officer Colonel Stuart Hughes.

At approximately 1710 hours, radar detected a bogey entering the US from Mexico, about 45 miles from the western coastline. Attempts to contact the aircraft were unsuccessful. It was observed at altitudes approaching 90,000 feet, a velocity of almost Mach 3, and offered a minimal radar cross section. Contact was lost as it fled east across Arizona.

Report:           Air Force Flight Test Centre

Commanding Officer Colonel James Rafter

An experimental Bell X-1 jet armed with two Aim-4 Falcon air-to-air heat-seeking missiles, intercepted an unidentified aircraft inside the Nevada no-fly zone. At approximately 1730 hours, the pilot reported seeing “contrails” and a “sleek, black aircraft about the size of a DC3”. A missile was fired but missed.

Report:           509th Bombardment Group Very Heavy

Commanding Officer, Colonel Sam Curtis

At approximately 1930 hours, three B-29s entered a storm about 50 miles southwest of Albuquerque. One of the crews reported sighting a dark aircraft. Shots were fired. Flight Commander Steven West suggested that they may have been confused by an extreme weather event.


Colonel Rafter (AFFTC Muroc) expressed high confidence that there’d not been opportunity for valuable intel to have been garnished by the Soviet incursion. However, he considers our enemy to be flying aircraft well advanced of anything we’ll be developing for a very long time.

Cover story:

Colonel Hughes (637th) has released an “official report” (cover report as recommended by Intel) stating that there had not actually been an incursion. A fault with new radar technology inadvertently created a false echo.

Further Intended Action:

Colonel James Rafter, Air Force Flight Test Centre, has been assigned responsibility for preparing a full and confidential briefing for Commanding General Roger Ramey, to be reviewed and then forwarded to the Pentagon.

All matters related to this July 3 incursion are now deemed to be TOP SECRET.

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