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Michael Muxworthy

“My lateral thinking investigations into the alien question provide a unique perspective and reveal our frightening prophesized future”

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Roswell’s Final Witness is the first novel in the Caesar Rising series. A new, and never before revealed witness to the Roswell alien UFO incident lays the foundations for a lateral thinking derived journey of discovery spanning 600,000 years of Earth’s history and beyond.

Michael Muxworthy,  Author of the Caeser Rising series of novels
Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind

Member of the Queensland Writers Centre

N.B. Unsolicited telepathic communications will be BLOCKED. Please state your purpose by more orthodox methods . . . first.



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Roswell’s Final Witness, the first novel of the Caesar Rising series, is rapidly nearing completion.

The final witness to Roswell
“We should never have trusted the aliens” – Roswell’s Final Witness