Aliens don’t fear our technology or war-like aggression, they fear our evolutionary path.


My name is Michael Muxworthy. I’m a lateral thinking investigator into the alien question.

In recent years I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to debunk some of the rather crazy UFO and alien theories and sightings out there. However, not all alien and UFO encounters can be debunked. Recently, I met a dying man … a witness. He told me things that would forever change my beliefs. As a consequence of that encounter, I’ve begun work on a series of books that bring the “alien perspective” into view. The series:

Lateral thinking investigations . . . of the third kind

Why do aliens fear us?

Perhaps the most complex imagery described to me by the witness was the deep and inconsolable fear that the aliens projected. They didn’t fear the eight men who attended the Roswell UFO (second) crash site encounter . . . they feared mankind in general. What follows here is a glimpse into my journey to discover “why?” The first book of the series:

We should never have trusted the aliens

Roswell alien encounter

My initial thinking on the subject of the alien fear was that they must fear our aggressive and warlike nature. However, war and aggression are a NORMAL part of evolution. It’s something that all advanced self-aware alien species experience to some degree. NO. They do NOT fear our weapons or aggression.

What are the clues left from the alien encounter?

The alien survivor at Roswell told the eight witnesses to the encounter that all life on different worlds evolves in pretty much the same way. Just as we learned to use tools, make fire, trade build machines etc, so too do alien species developing on other worlds. (Tools, machine, and automation)

Evolution fire

Apparently, evolution has a few surprises still in store for us. Not only are we still evolving, but our pace of evolution will continue accelerating rapidly. That pace of evolution presents a problem . . . the aliens tell us that this is what we know as Armageddon. We soon face the evolutionary trial of Armageddon . . . we may NOT survive. 

The Spiritual Age

Intelligent, self-aware alien species that have survived the evolutionary trial of Armageddon describe how they make an enormous evolutionary leap into the Spiritual Age. At that time, if we make it through, we will be greeted by the galactic community of alien species that peacefully explore our galaxy and master the incredible journey (and challenges) that is the Spiritual Age.

Sounds pretty good . . . if we make it.

Alien exploration

All 14 alien species that have (so far) survived the trial of Armageddon are peaceful. Doesn’t it follow that if mankind is on the same evolutionary path, faces the same trials, and survives, that we too will join peacefully with the galactic community?

This is at the heart of what the aliens fear!

We have strayed from the proven evolutionary path. We are different.

When the aliens broke off all contact with mankind about 2,000 years ago, we were not expected to survive the Armageddon event. Substantial alien intervention into our early development had accelerated our evolutionary journey considerably. Aliens knew that they had made a terrible mistake and they tried to put us back on the only known evolutionary pathway to successfully negotiate the Armageddon event.

Roswell alien war
The Roswell alien feared us – Mankind will bring war to the galaxy

What will happen to us?

THIS IS FICTION. YOU WILL BELIEVE is an unprecedented journey of discovery and revelation. Discover our twisted evolutionary journey, know our potential, and reject the alien solution.

It is mankind’s destiny, your destiny, to survive the Armageddon event; to find a path that is uniquely human. We will NOT submit to their solution. We will not give up what we are, what we cherish, what makes us human. Mankind’s destiny is to bring a new path to survive the trial of Armageddon.

There WILL be WAR!

Please “follow” my progress.

Coming soon:

THIS IS FICTION. YOU WILL BELIEVE. The novel from disruptive author Michael Muxworthy

An interesting alien insight

Aliens communicate telepathically.

Below is an actual description from a witness that experienced telepathic communication:

 “Their communication is more than words or language. I felt what they felt. I could visualize them without their visors and suits. I knew their goodwill and kindness. I felt their concern for me and greater mankind. I felt their pain and distress. I even detected their fears.

 ‘Telepathic communication allows the transfer of enormous amounts of information very quickly, comprehensively and with absolute clarity of meaning and purpose. Far better than language I promise you.’

–  Roswell’s final witness