50 Lateral thinking puzzles for your enjoyment

I’ve collected my top 50 lateral thinking puzzles, (including 13 puzzles for kids) for your enjoyment.


Lateral thinking puzzle 3.

A man drives along an open, rural and exposed road on a cold, wet and very windy night. As he approaches an isolated bus stop he notices that there are three people waiting:

  1. An old lady in urgent need of medical attention;
  2. His best mate who only recently saved his life; and
  3. A beautiful girl that he has been wanting to meet and ask out for a while.

He decides to stop and help out, but his 2-seater vehicle only holds the driver and one passenger. He will not overload his car. What is the best option you can devise?

In this lateral thinking classic example, the man uses the circumstances to his ULTIMATE advantage. The solution appears below.

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The man stops at the bus stop and gets out of his car. He says to his best mate “You saved my life. I know you are great at helping people. Please take my vehicle and get this old lady to the hospital. I will catch the bus with this young lady and keep her safe until it arrives”.

He makes a good impression on the young lady, helps his mate, and gets the old lady the help she needs.

How did you go?

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